What Type of Salsa Do You Teach in ELD?

There are many different types of Salsa and the most popular of these is “LA Salsa on1”. We choose to teach Salsa on 1 as this is the most commonly style of Salsa danced in Australia & the World.


Do I need to bring a partner?

NO, you don’t need to bring a partner; in the class, we will always rotate the students so everyone can have a go, as well as you will have a chance to dance with the professional instructors who are teaching the class.


Do I need to book in advance to join the dance courses?

It’s a great idea to book in advance so you can guarantee your place and get an early bird discount. Usually, most of our courses get booked out early before the starting day of the course.


Can I pay on the starting day?

Yes, you can pay in person.

What to bring?

To be more confident and relaxed bringing a mouthwash/mints & deodorant will be a great idea as most of our Latin classes are closed dance positions.


What to wear?

Comfortable clothes that allow easy movement & flat shoes or low heels.


How many people attend the classes?

Our classes are very unique as we only allow 20 places on each course. Although can accommodate more people we choose to offer dance classes with a small number of students, this way we are able to give a lot more time and attention to each person on the course.


What happens if I miss one class? Can I catch up another day?

When joining any of our courses you are signing up for a consecutive number of weeks of tuition. Sadly we don't offer a “catch up” or "Pay As You Go" option for classes so we can't transfer or refund any missed classes on one of our courses so please make sure you are available for each of the classes you are booking on before making payment.


What time are the classes?

El Sabor Latin Dance St Leonards: >>READ MORE<<

El Sabor Latin Dance Chatswood>>READ MORE<<

What is the average age of attendees?

Our students vary quite widely between late teens to those in their late 50’s, with the majority from the ’20s to ’40s.


How much do the classes cost?

Prices: >>READ MORE<<


Do you offer trial casual classes?

Yes, we do offer Trial Drop-in Class $25 to our new students who want to try the class first before they commit to 6-weeks course. At ELD we are running the dance courses on a syllabus, and it’s designed sequentially. That’s why we only offer 1st Class of the course as a trial option. >>READ MORE<<


Do you offer Private Salsa & Latin dance classes?

Yes, we do offer private salsa & Latin dance lessons from beginner to advanced levels.

St Leonards Private Salsa & Dance Lesson: >>READ MORE<<

Where are you located?

El Sabor Latin Dance St Leonards

Address: 60 Atchison, St Leonards NSW 2065

El Sabor Latin Dance Chatswood

Address: 50 Johnson St, Chatswood NSW 2067


No Partner Required To Join Our Salsa Classes Or Experience Needed To Register In any Of Our Salsa Dance Classes. El Sabor Latin Dance Is located in Chatswood And St Leonards North Shore Sydney. Learn To Salsa Latin From north shore sydney leading salsa dance school


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